Asking Something

Introduce new job to your old friend, the dialogue has been written in the letter:

Dear Budi,
It’s been a while since we have seen each other. So i hope this letter find you well. Actually i have new job in the international company that giving services for some people who is seeking financial protections due to a sicknesses or accident and also want to gain investment. Recently, i join with the company xxx , address at the street xxx , city xxx, country xxx. I had joined since xxx, and have a certification pass of xxx tests. So by now i can give more advise to somebody about the program that provided by this company.
First of all, i want to ask for you, whether are you and your spouse existing need the financial protection. If it makes your family be safety due to loosing the money in the future, due to any cost payments for the hospitalize, so you will have got money as cost given the company.
Let’s you consider this benefits for your family, so if you will have decided to take this programs, kindly call me or send back letter to me.
I would be thankful for your kind reply.
Best wishes

Diterbitkan oleh AM

GP in Jakarta Indonesia, Muslim contact number Wa 08872332644

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