First Aids

First Aid:

First Aid is the aid that given by the man, who is having skills and got a certificate of training before, in order this skills can be used for perform helping for the victim in just a moment time before an expert giving fix treatments.
For the case of an accident, so for the officer involved should have got a trainning as requirements to be understood.
The illness topics that given in trainning include act to shock , Evaluation awarness and the basic skill helping or act for Resusitation Cardio Pulmoner,

Shock means the human health states in condition unawarness which the sign of blood tension under 80 mm Hg, the pulse tension reduced, the hand and feet become cold, maybe the victim seems afraid

Resusitation Cardio Pulmoner means the treatment methods given to be performed suit to the procedure of Resusitation. In condition the victim unable breathing, and nothing pulse at the radial arterial, then the act to be performed is giving air flow adequate via the mouth 15 time per minutes, and giving cardiac presure on the heart 5 time after that. It have to given till the victim able to breath normally

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GP in Jakarta Indonesia, Muslim contact number Wa 08872332644

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