Heart Attack

Heart attack.
This terminology of disease is the word commonly be understood in general public societies. As doctor has medical science , so they will not give this term or write a diagnosis with this terminology. Maybe that is means a disease suffered by the patient and impacting sudden death and after doctor’s visum at repport explaining it was last stage of severe heart disease. Because there is some heart disease criterion it more than 40 diagnosis as specific term given.

For example, heart disease named mitral stenosis. This disease is innate, where the heart mitral valve is stiff or can not close completely. The heart valve between the left atrial and the left ventricle called mitral valve, the heart valve between the right atrial and right ventricle is called tricuspid valve. This congenital abnormality leads to leakage of blood supply from the left atrial to the left ventricle, so that on inspection there is a hissing sound like leaking water. These sufferers felt if in heavy an activity or being tired, so the patient insufficient oxygen while running an activity.

The sudden heart disease can impact to death is:

Ischemic Myocard Infark IMA. In IMA the first attack is painfully felt in the heart area or middle chest rather on the left side. Breathing becomes short, heavily, perspiration rise and fear expression. What happens if the vessels ateri and arterioles that give supply the blood flow to myocardial heart muscles occur stagnancy due to constriction of coronary arteries. If the disease does not cause a suddenly attack, then the diagnosis term is coronary heart disease.

The accumulation of fat, cholesterol and sugar and lipoproteins in these coronary arteries, it can results sudden heart attack.

How a person will be able to know that he is experiencing narrowing the coronary arterial lumens, if it’s occur , so it felt only mild complaint, when it conditions still in percentage of mild constriction. So at this time, the patients should go to take a medical check-up that include ST-scan, electro cardiogram, laboratory and physical examination.

Generally, heart disease occurs in the age after fifty years. But it depends also on the patient’s physical condition, for example the following circumstances:

over weight, cholesterol levels, blood sugar very high, all of these is the risk factor constriction of blood vessels in the heart.

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