Family Protection

Family Protection Optima :

This program has been designed for family financial protection of the ten diagnosis of criterion illnesses, from the first early stage or mild till the severe illnesses stages

Also it is program given for death accident or disability accident

The number family involved of five persons , the chief family and spouse as mainly insured, and the kids as additional insured

The age first joining insured with the company is :
21 to 60 years old for the chief family,
18 to 60 years old for the spouse, and
½ to 17 years old for the kids

Time period and premium payment as follows:
For time as long 9 years for payment, it’s can be paid by monthly, three months , half year or annual paid manner

There is the payment discounts if it will be paid for :
Every year, as much as 10% of premium cost,
Every half year as much as 7% of premium costs,
Involved all family members as much as 50 % premium costs

The next premium payment it’s payment cost raise as gradually

Benefit of products:
Early and advanced “Cl” , it giving 40% of protection payment insured if there is diagnosed in first stadium illnesses or mild stages. If there is diagnosed in severe stages illnesses, it’s given 60% of protection payment insured.
The ten illnesses covered including :
Cancer ,
Heart Attack ,
By-pass coronary artery,
Kidney disease,
Come state ,
Kawasaki illnesses,
Lung illnesses,
Leukemia ,
Diabetes type 1.

The amount of value payment given for death cases due to the illnesses or an accident , sum value given is 100 of protection payment insured. But If there the death as results of the illnesses that has been given the value payment insured before, so the remaining cost will be paid for it cases.

The state of nothing claim of bonus, customer will have got payment back of total insured payments as much as 75% if it will be taken in the end of period policy over.

Benefit of medical opinion services it’s given for the policy insured of customers , by the explanation of medical records lately has been examined and valid.
An ambulance service locally, it’s given for the customers that occurred of accident or severe illnesses, it’s just given in remote area less than 150 Kilometers from the base living nowadays

An illustration of money saving,
There is something necessity living unpredictable and it happens suddenly, so you need about 100 million IDR for hospitalize payments.
How do you will save keeping your money , if it you save money monthly only 1 million IDR , and your account must be used for paying hospital costs, if your money pooled has just got in the sixth months of saving.

I will save my money in the insurance company that given benefits for the cost hospitalize payments

If I save the money in the Bank , by payment of 1 million monthly, so I wait for 100 months or about nine years to get amount as much as 100 million IDR. But by saving money in Insurance company, I will get amount of money as substitute for hospitalize payments

Diterbitkan oleh AM

GP in Jakarta Indonesia, Muslim contact number Wa 08872332644

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